Pat Murphy Electric Car Charging Stations

The demand for electric vehicles has grown over the past few years and is set to explode over the coming decades. Both fully electric and plug-in hybrid cars need proper charging stations, and the need for this infrastructure has never been greater. With over 1.5 million electric cars sold since 2019 alone, we know this technology will continue to advance and grow in popularity. Here at Pat Murphy Electric, we work with homeowners and businesses to install electric car charging stations in Knoxville, providing this much-needed fuel for the next generation of vehicles. Our highly trained crew can install new charging points for your home or industrial facility, so you can stay ahead of the curve.

In the past, the occasional at-home charging or commercial fleet charging was enough to satisfy the small number of electric vehicles. But that’s simply not the case anymore! We need large-scale electric car charging stations available across the country, at places of work, public destinations, and interstates. As more companies turn their fleets electric, and more consumers are seeing the benefits, we’re going to see more stations popping up in new places. Whether you are a homeowner who needs a new or upgraded charging system, or you’re a business or industry leader wanting a multipoint station, you can count on Pat Murphy Electric to handle the job. We stay up to date on the latest charging technology and can help you stay relevant in today’s green era, with our Knoxville electric car charging station services.

For brands and businesses, installing a charging station will show your commitment to your customers and to the planet, demonstrating your relevance in our modern times. Likewise, homeowners can enjoy safe, rapid charging with a residential station, potentially adding to the home’s value. No matter your needs, we can take good care of you. 

Today is the day to invest in an electric car charging station for your Knoxville home or business. Reach out to us at Pat Murphy Electric and ask us how to get started!

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