Service Panel Upgrades

Do you live in an older home or own an older business facility? Are you tired of tripping circuit breakers regularly? It may be time for an electrical panel upgrades for your Atlanta home or business. The electrical panel serves as a hub for the electricity in your home or commercial building, and it’s where the municipal power meets your structure and is divided into individual circuits. Panels are designed to meet the expected electrical demand of each building according to the time it was built. These days, we ask more of our homes and offices, so we may have greater power needs than our panels can provide. If your building is more than 10 years old, give us a call at Pat Murphy Electric. We proudly provide reliable electrical services, including breaker box replacement, throughout Atlanta, Knoxville, and Charleston, and we believe that the right way is the only way to get a job done!

Many people want to increase the power output for their homes in order to make certain additions. Things that may strain an older or poorly wired panel include pools, hot tubs, HVAC systems, theater systems, greenhouses, and electric car charging stations. However, you don’t need to add anything complicated in order to upgrade your panel. You should plan to have an electrical panel upgrade for your older Atlanta home in order to minimize hazards and risks of fire, as well as to improve general energy efficiency. Pat Murphy Electric has served this area for over 40 years, and we have the knowledge and skill it takes to upgrade any kind of electrical panel—residential, commercial, or industrial.

Homes and Businesses

Electrical panel upgrades for Atlanta homes and businesses are not something to DIY. This can be dangerous and complicated, and should always be left to the professionals. Our team of electricians at Pat Murphy Electric prioritize safety and accuracy at every step, and we can give you priceless peace of mind knowing your electrical panel is wired correctly. 

Reach out to schedule your service call today, and one of our friendly, experienced electrical experts will provide a quality service electrical panel upgrade for your Atlanta home or business.