Charleston Commercial Electrical Repair

Electrical Repair for Your Business

When you’re hard at work, the building that houses your business should be working just as hard to keep you fully operational. Often, electrical malfunctioning is a hassle that many property owners and managers don’t worry about until there’s a problem. So, when a breaker starts tripping or dead outlets start appearing, you’re left wondering who to call. For business owners and property managers, the answer is clear. Call Pat Murphy Electric for your commercial electrical repairs in the Charleston area.

Symptoms of Electrical Malfunction

While some of the signs that your electrical system is in need of repair are common across all types of buildings, other issues are specific to larger buildings. Some of the most common symptoms of an underlying electrical issue in an industrial space include:

  • Bulbs burning out often
  • Breakers that trip excessively
  • Hot panels, outlets, or electrical components
  • Lights that flicker or dim 
  • Loose connections
  • Loud humming or electrical sounds
  • One or multiple dead outlets
  • Unsecured wiring

Any of these issues could be a sign that your building needs electrical work. Should you notice any of the above symptoms or any other indication there’s a problem, call our Charleston industrial electricians immediately.

The Pat Murphy Electric Promise

When other businesses in our area thrive, we do too. At Pat Murphy Electric, we’re more than just the technicians you call for help—we’re a partner in your continued success. And with our 24-hour emergency assistance line, help is never more than a phone call away. Our promise is to always communicate effectively with our customers and provide the kind of electrical support local businesses need to flourish. 


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