Pat Murphy PLC Installations

For all of your industrial electrical needs, look no further than Pat Murphy Electric. Our team of industrial electrical technicians in Knoxville is here to help you keep your operations up and running. We offer the best installations, troubleshooting, repairs, and maintenance on a variety of electrical systems, including PLCs. 

When you need an electrician you can trust, and one that understands the complexities of industrial layouts, we invite you to give us a call. We can install a brand-new PLC or perform maintenance and repairs on your current one. For maximum safety and efficiency, your facility should have a a PLC installation performed by a qualified Knoxville industrial electrical technician. 

What Is a PLC?

A PLC is a programmable logic controller, which is used in industrial computerized power systems. This computer control system is consistently overseeing the operation of devices hooked into the system. It monitors conditions and makes adjustments based on your custom programming for all of your machinery and equipment. PLCs are designed to be rugged and keep working in even the harshest industrial settings.

What Is a PLC used for?

PLCs are installed in order to control industrial machinery such as assembly lines, robotics, and other manufacturing equipment. These systems can operate machines for long periods of time, without human input. A PLC is great for situations that need precision, reliability, and automation.

Industrial PLC Installations

Like any aspect of specialized electrical systems, PLC installations should only be completed by a qualified Knoxville industrial electrical technician. When you want the best electrician on board to install your PLC, come to us at Pat Murphy Electric. We can get the job done right, prioritizing safety and accuracy at every step along the way.

Learn more about our PLC installation services by contacting us today! Reach out at 865-409-2400 to chat with one of our Knoxville industrial electrical technicians, to schedule your service call, or if you need 24/7 emergency service.

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