Surge Protection from Pat Murphy Electric

Do you have expensive electronic equipment in your home, like a big screen TV, computers, stereo system, or a home theater? If so, you want them protected from electrical damage. Any of these items can be rendered useless from an electrical surge through your home. You’ve invested in enhancing your life through these products, so invest in our Atlanta surge protection installation services to protect them from electrical damage.

Your Appliances Need Surge Protection, Too

Items that come from the electronics store aren’t the only things in your home that need protection from electrical surges. Everyday appliances like your washer, dryer, dishwasher, microwave, and refrigerator contain circuit boards are also vulnerable. Imagine if one or more of these items were unusable due to an electrical surge. You and the rest of your family wouldn’t be very happy. We don't want your appliances or electronics to be at risk, which is why we fix electrical work the right way every time.


Where Do Electrical Surges Come From?

Most people believe that damaging electrical surges come only from lightning strikes. While it’s true that lightning can cause surges (even from up to two miles away from a strike hitting the ground), the most common cause of damaging electric surges comes from right inside your home! Between 75-80% of all-electric surges originate this way, but most of these electrical surges can be prevented by surge protection installation into your Atlanta home’s electrical panel.

How to Protect Your Home The Right Way

Plug-in surge protector strips are not enough and most are just expensive extension cords. Also, they can still be overloaded by a large surge. Plus, heavy duty appliances and other items not plugged into them are still at risk.

Surge Protection from Pat Murphy Electric

Pat Murphy Electric installs a surge protection package into your Atlanta home’s electrical panel – directly at the source where all surges occur. The surge protection installed by our Atlanta licensed technicians into the electrical panel will keep your appliances safe. When you protect your whole home this way, you’ll have supreme confidence that your expensive electronics and appliances stay safe from any kind of electrical surge

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