Authorization to Proceed with Quoted Work:

I, the authorized representative or owner, hereby authorize you to perform work as described. I agree to pay for work done and 1.5% per month for the past due contracts. I shall pay for all reasonable costs of collection, including attorney fees. Quotes are valid for 30 days.

Acceptance of Work Performed:

I acknowledge satisfactory completion of the above described work, and that the premises have been left in a satisfactory condition. I understand that if my check does not clear, I will be liable for service charges and damages applicable to Georgia Law. (Tennessee Law for work performed in Tennessee)

Limited Warranty:

Company warrants its work to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the warrant period of one year from completion unless otherwise stated in writing on the face hereof. All warranties are void if payment is not made when due. Warranties extend only to the customer and are not transferable. If a defect in materials or workmanship covered by this warranty occurs, Company will, with reasonable promptness during normal working hours, remedy the defect.

Exclusions and Limitations:

Customer’s right to repair and replacement are the exclusive remedies and Company shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the materials provided for in this contract.

Company is not responsible for the following which are excluded from the coverage of this warranty:

  1. Work performed by or materials installed by others not in this agreement.
  2. Materials supplied by Customer.
  3. All lamps and bulbs.
  4. Defects and failures from mistreatment or neglect.

Protection of Customer’s Property:

Customer agrees to remove or protect any personal property, inside and out, including but not limited to, carpets, rugs, shrubs, and planting, and Company shall not be responsible for said items. Nor shall Company be held responsible for the natural consequences of Company’s work which may cause damage to improvements to real property including, but not limited to, curbs, sidewalks, walks, driveways, garages, patios, lawns, shrubs, sprinkler system, wallpaper, drywall, stucco, tile, cabinets and other appurtenances to the residence or other real property. Company shall not be held responsible for damage to personal property, real property, or any improvements to real property caused by persons delivering materials or equipment or keeping gates and doors closed for children and animals.