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Atlanta Residential Electrical Panel Installation

Pat Murphy Electric provides a full range of electrical services for homes throughout the Atlanta, Knoxville and Charleston areas. One of our main services we provide is an electrical panel service upgrade and installation. If you have been searching for the best electricians to help you take care of your home, then you’ve come to the right place. Our team is highly trained and skilled in electrical panel installation and upgrading in the Atlanta area, so you can rest well knowing you’re in good hands with us. 

Don’t go to just any electrician for your residential panel install, or any other electrical needs. Choose a name you can trust, with years of experience and lots of happy customers. Pat Murphy Electric has worked on the electrical systems of many homes, and can complete any type of electrical job according to proper safety codes and regulations. Electrical panel installation for your Atlanta home is not something you should attempt to DIY! This is a complex job that requires extensive skill and attention to detail. Thankfully, you have a team you can count on, with us.

Updating or installing a new panel can protect your home from many electrical mishaps since it is the controller of your entire electrical system. This is the focal point of your home’s energy, and it’s vital that it’s set up correctly. Updating your panel can help protect from overloaded circuits, short circuits and provide arc fault protection if your panel does not currently have that. This is one very important reason to have a professional regularly perform residential electrical inspections. Too many homeowners don’t know anything about their electrical systems and what potential dangers may be lurking. Don’t go another day with a potentially faulty electrical panel!

It’s always a good idea to have your electrical panel and wiring inspected by a professional, like those here at Pat Murphy Electric. It will give you priceless peace of mind, knowing your home is safe and sound. Our electricians are standing by, ready to come to your home and get things installed the right way. With proper residential panel installation in your Atlanta home, you can enjoy greater safety, control, and efficiency. 

The nature and scope of your project will determine the time and expense of installing a breaker panel, and one of our friendly electricians will assess your home to determine the most efficient course of action. Panel installations are easiest with new builds, but can be done on older homes as well. No matter the complexity, our crew can get the job done all while prioritizing your safety and comfort. 

Professional inspections give you valuable assurance that your home is protected and your electrical components have been thoroughly and accurately inspected. At Pat Murphy Electric, our biggest priority on every job is the safety of our customers and our staff. Let our Atlanta electrical panel installation team help relieve you of this task and ensure that it will be done both safely and correctly. At Pat Murphy Electric, we believe the right way is the only way.

In the event of an emergency, we have 24/7 emergency services.

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