What are Surges?

Surges are short spikes in electrical charge in power lines. These spikes can cause an increase in the electrical current flowing from your wall outlets and into your electronics. This large increase in voltage can cause damage to your home and electronic devices.

Where Do Surges Come From?

As your home ages, the electrical system will weaken from wear and tear. Replacing or adding new appliances and electronics (think big – like a refrigerator, washer/dryer, air conditioning unit, big-screen TV, computer), can overload your system and cause electrical surges in your Atlanta home. Same goes if you have built on an addition to your home. More space means more electrical outlets, which means more strain on your system. You need to make sure that your electrical system is prepared and safe.

Overloading an electrical system can damage appliances and electronics that are increasingly sensitive. Today, more heavy-duty appliances are built with sensitive circuitry that let you get the best performance from them. An overload or electrical surge in your Atlanta home can damage this circuitry, costing you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars, to repair or replace. And high-dollar electronics can be even more sensitive. In addition, your home’s overall system can also be damaged by an electrical overload.

Know the Warning Signs and Prevent Electrical Surges at Your Atlanta Home

There are a number of warning signs that your electrical system needs to be inspected or updated. Ask yourself the following questions.

  • Has your house had an inspection since or before 2011? Inspections should happen every five years.
  • Hear popping or buzzing when you plug something into an electrical outlet or flip a switch?
  • Hear strange noises when your AC/heater comes on?
  • Have some electrical outlets that are not working?

How We Can Help

Whole home safety is important to us. To make sure your home’s safety equipment is up to date and working, we look at:

  • Smoke detectors for fresh batteries, proper connections, and an adequate number for the size of the residence
  • Proper connections and placement of carbon monoxide detectors, which are needed if gas appliances are used in the home
  • GFI outlets in bathrooms and kitchens to prevent electrical shocks from inadequate grounding
  • Outdoor flood lighting for LED bulbs, recessed can lighting, and clean and working exterior electrical outlets

A full home electrical inspection from Atlanta's Pat Murphy Electric will ensure that every component of your home’s electrical system is safe to use and in good working order. We will also check your electrical panel for looser wires, burnt or overloaded breakers, and other potential hazards like an improperly installed electrical outlet.

The professionals at Pat Murphy Electric can also provide quotes on energy saving tips and home improvement ideas. All you have to do is ask! For peace of mind, call Pat Murphy today!

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