Industrial Thermal Scan & Breaker Testing

Importance of Thermal Scans

Thermal scans are a great method to use when you want to find problems in electrical systems that the human eye cannot see. They can also discover potential problems, without having to isolate any circuits. With our thermal scanning service for your Atlanta business, we can perform live testing while still maintaining productivity. At Pat Murphy Electric, our top priorities are safety and accuracy. The right way is the only way when it comes to electrical work. For any thermal scanning projects throughout the Atlanta or Knoxville area, count on us to get the job done right the first time.

Benefits Of Breaker Testing

Circuit breakers are important because they protect other electrical equipment through faults. That is why it’s important to test them to ensure the breaker is doing its job. There are many other benefits of testing your breaker, including:

  • Tests performance of the whole tripping cycle
  • Finds a need for maintenance
  • Picks out the bad actors
  • Finds potential problems

There are many other benefits of breaker testing. To learn more about our Atlanta area circuit breaker testing or why it is beneficial for your business, our professionals at Pat Murphy Electric would be happy to talk to you. Part of getting the job done right is performing thorough tests to determine if there is an issue. Our team is well equipped to perform these tests and provide recommendations on how to fix it if there is an issue. If you are looking for installation of these electrical components, our industrial technicians can get the job done for you.

Ensure The Protection Of Your Expensive Equipment With Thermal Scanning And Circuit Breaker Testing from our Atlanta experts

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