Surge Protection from Pat Murphy Electric

In the event of a power surge, are your electronics and appliances protected? Or will they suffer irreparable damage? Your computers, TVs, stereo systems, and more are always at risk for electric surge damage, unless you have a professional surge protection system in place. Here at Pat Murphy Electric, we’ve seen the destruction that a simple power surge can bring, and we provide surge protection installation for homes in Knoxville. With this easy installation, you can rest well knowing your expensive electronics and other belongings are safe, no matter what.

Your Appliances Need Surge Protection, Too

When you think of an electrical surge, what comes to mind? Probably your computer, television, or maybe your professional sound system. But these are only some of the things that can be affected by a surge. Did you know that all of your home appliances, like your microwave, washing machine, and refrigerator, also have circuit boards that can be damaged in an electrical surge? Just think what a huge headache that would be, to no longer be able to use these appliances! Thankfully, you can safeguard your whole home with our Knoxville surge protection installation services.

Where Do Electrical Surges Come From?

Many of us grew up thinking that lightning strikes were the only real cause of electrical surges, but the truth is that most surges originate inside the home. Up to 80% of power surges come from your own home’s electrical system, which is why we always install a whole home surge suppression system right at the source.

How to Protect Your Home The Right Way

The surge protector strips you see at the store can only do so much. These can be easily overloaded, plus, you likely don’t have every single appliance plugged into one! A whole home surge protection installation from Pat Murphy is a much easier and streamlined option.

Surge Protection from Pat Murphy Electric

Our team of Knoxville surge protection installation specialists can safeguard your home from electrical damage by installing a suppression system right in your Knoxville home’s electrical panel. This goes straight to the source and ensures that everything plugged in throughout your home is protected.

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