Knoxville Residential Ceiling Fan Installations

A cool breeze can make a world of difference on a hot day, especially in areas like  Tennessee with our hot and humid climate. Ceiling fans are one great way that homeowners can not only be more comfortable, but can also enjoy a more energy-efficient method for cooling off because a fan uses less energy than an air conditioning system, yet still keeps air moving, either inside or out on a covered patio. A ceiling fan can be a wonderful investment for your space, but it’s best to entrust ceiling fan installation to a Knoxville residential electrician! These appliances are heavy, bulky, and challenging to install, even for the most ambitious DIYer.

Pat Murphy Electric is proud to offer professional ceiling fan installation in Knoxville, and we are here to take great care of you and your home. When you hire an experienced electrician for your installation, you can rest well knowing the ceiling fan was installed correctly. Too many homeowners injure themselves while attempting to put up a ceiling fan because the fans are often exceptionally heavy and difficult to balance while connecting the wiring. We recommend you don’t put yourself at risk. Call the Pat Murphy Electric professionals instead. Ceiling fan installations in Knoxville are typically simple and affordable, and worth your investment.

Ceiling fans add style to your space, but more importantly, they help your heating and cooling systems operate more efficiently. They improve your comfort and your property value, too! However, if you attempt to DIY the installation, you may end up with a faulty fan that is either wired incorrectly or isn’t securely attached to the ceiling. This could also put you at risk for injury or damage to your Knoxville home.

Don’t gamble with your ceiling fan install. Reach out to Pat Murphy Electric. We happily help with new fan installations, as well as the replacement or repair of existing indoor or outdoor fans. We even handle hard-to-reach spots, like sloped ceilings and other structural challenges. 

Start enjoying a comfortable living space, with a properly-installed ceiling fan. Get in touch with our Knoxville residential electricians today to schedule your service call.

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