Lighting is a huge player in creating the right atmosphere for your business. Does your current lighting add or detract from the feel you’re trying to create? Whether they are conscious of it or not, your customers will be affected by the lighting environment in your store, and this can affect your bottom line. Here at Pat Murphy Electric in Charleston, our industrial electrical experts help business owners like you create the perfect look for storefronts, hotels, office buildings, and other facilities. We can help you enhance your space with professional fixture installation for your Charleston business. 

When it comes to lighting fixtures, especially large and complex ones that are used in commercial spaces, it’s vital that you do not attempt to DIY the installation. There are many different factors that our electricians know to watch out for in order to install the fixture safely and accurately. This is key when you have guests, clients, or customers - not only to keep them safe but also to present a polished, professional face for your brand. 

Do you operate a luxury hotel in Charleston? Our industrial electrical professionals can install a beautiful chandelier in your lobby. Or perhaps you run a boutique retail store downtown? Our team of fixture installation electricians in Charleston can add pendant lighting to enhance the shopping experience for your guests. And for all industrial facilities like warehouses, laboratories, or manufacturing plants, we can provide powerful, efficient lighting to optimize visibility and productivity. 

Pat Murphy Electric is proud to be a leading name in commercial and industrial electrical service throughout Charleston, and we are here to install your lighting with ease. No matter the size or scope of the job, you can count on us to assist you with professionalism, prioritizing safety and service at every step. Your business needs the right lighting, and we can deliver! 

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