Pat Murphy PLC Installations

Here at Pat Murphy Electric, we provide comprehensive industrial electrical services in Charleston, and we are your valued partner in keeping your operation running smoothly. For any kind of repair, troubleshooting, or new installation, we are here to help! We offer industrial PLC installations from our Charleston industrial electrical technicians for facilities throughout the region, in a variety of fields and specialties. 

Our team of highly trained electricians knows how to properly install and maintain these systems, which can take your business to the next level. It’s vital that you have your PLC installed by a qualified industrial electrical technician in Charleston! Only a properly trained electrician can handle the complexities of industrial grids and set up your PLC correctly.

What Is a PLC?

A PLC is a programmable logic controller, which is a part of a computerized power system for larger-scale commercial and industrial applications. This control system continually oversees the operation of devices that are plugged into it. It can monitor system conditions in real time and make adjustments based on your custom program needs to operate your equipment. PLCs are designed to withstand tough conditions and are durable for many uses.

What Is a PLC used for?

PLCs are often used to control machinery such as robotics, assembly lines, and other large manufacturing equipment. A PLC allows your operations to continue for long periods without human input. We recommend a PLC installation for your Charleston business when you need reliable, precise automation. 

Industrial PLC Installations

When it comes to complex, large-scale electrical systems, it’s important to hire an experienced and properly trained industrial electrician. Here at Pat Murphy Electric in Charleston, our industrial electrical technicians are proud to provide specialized services such as PLC installations throughout the area, and we make safety and accuracy our priority for every job we perform.

Reach out to our Charleston industrial electrical technicians at 843-212-9763 to discuss your PLC installation needs or to schedule your service call.

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