Pat Murphy Residential Inspections

At Pat Murphy Electric, we are fully equipped to handle all of your residential electrical inspections and will gladly take care of all your residential electrical problems. Our team of professionals will work through any problems you have and address all of your concerns. We will also keep you updated throughout the entire process and explain everything step by step. We proudly serve all customers throughout the Atlanta and Knoxville areas with residential electrical inspections. When it comes to electrical repair, the right way is the only way.

Most homeowners know better than to attempt electrical work on their own, and for good reason. Working with electricity can be a hazardous job, plus, it requires special knowledge and skill to understand complex panels, circuits, voltage, and more. Here at Pat Murphy, we are glad to come out to your Atlanta home for a full residential electrical inspection, so you know exactly what you’re working with. A professional inspection will help you understand your home’s wiring and identify any areas that are in need of repair. We’re here to help you feel empowered, to understand exactly how to make the most out of your electricity, and to care for your home’s electrical system for years to come. 

Electrical Inspections The Right Way

Electrical inspections are an important part of owning a house, so it is important to have it thoroughly inspected by a professional. Pat Murphy Electric has an adept team of Atlanta residential electric inspection technicians who will gladly give you an honest opinion, as well as answer all of your questions about the inspection. We are dedicated to your safety and your satisfaction, so you can expect an honest and accurate assessment when you work with our team. We want you to feel included in the process, and be able to make the best possible decision, whether you are considering buying a new home, selling your home, making renovations, or you simply need electrical repair. 

Pat Murphy Electric is proud to be one of the best Atlanta electricians, and we have worked hard to earn our positive reputation in this community. When you need an inspection, and want to hire someone you can trust, we’re here for you. We never gloss over our findings, nor do we ever try to upsell a repair that you don’t need. Our team of friendly technicians is your valued partner in taking great care of your home! 

For more information about our residential electrical inspection services, email us or call us at 470-440-2017 to book your service call.

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