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Here at Pat Murphy Electric, we’re proud to be one of the top industrial electrical technician teams in Atlanta. We’ve helped hundreds of business owners and operators improve the efficiency of their systems, in warehouses, laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and more. There are many wonderful tools out there to boost productivity and accuracy in an industrial setting, and they all rely on electricity! One of the most common pieces of equipment that we work with in these settings is the PLC. And our Atlanta industrial electrical technicians have the experience needed to install PLCs with ease.

What Is a PLC?

PLC stands for programmable logic controller. This means that the PLC is the computer control system that constantly supervises the condition of the devices that are input, and it makes decisions based on a custom program that controls the condition of the devices that are output.

This industrial computer can be programmed for discrete or sequential logic and is often used in factories. The idea behind a PLC is to replace or consolidate all the individual counters, timers, and mechanical relays in a system, and to automate the process. PLCs can deliver greater accuracy than manual controls and can save energy over the long term.

What Is a PLC used for?

A PLC is mainly used to control industrial machines. These computer control systems can operate automatic machines for many years, without the help of humans. They are also designed to survive harsh environments.

While a PLC is a type of computer, it offers greater durability and ease of use than traditional computer systems, with much less maintenance and labor costs. They offer more reliable and longer-lasting function, and are specially designed for commercial settings. For the operation of conveyor belts, batching systems, automated packing or production machines, and similar equipment, PLCs are worth their weight in gold.

Industrial PLC Installations

PLCs should be installed by an industrial technician. If you need an industrial electrical technician in Atlanta to install a PLC for your business, Pat Murphy Electric’s adept professionals can get the job done! To us, the right way is the only way.

PLC installation for your Atlanta business can be a complex process, and there are dozens of different factors that influence how, where, and when to install a PLC for maximum benefit. Don’t attempt to do this on your own, but give us a call at Pat Murphy Electric instead. Our team has the skill and attention to detail to set up your own customized PLC system for your industrial facility. And once it’s installed, you can count on us for continual maintenance, repairs, and upgrades for the life of your PLC.

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