Troubleshooting With Pat Murphy

Big Or Small, Pat Murphy’s Residential technicians Can Handle It All

Our Atlanta residential electrical troubleshooting technicians are experts and are prepared to handle all of your electrical concerns and issues. The safety of our customers and our staff is our biggest focus, so we take all the necessary steps to make sure our work is done safely and accurately. No matter your residential electrical issue, you can count on us to take care of you with reliability and professionalism. We’re proud to be one of the best electricians in Atlanta, and we’re available any time for troubleshooting and 24/7 emergency service.

Having problems with your breaker box? Don’t sweat it, we know what to do! Experiencing issues with an electric circuit? We’ve got you covered and can fix your problem! Need guidance on a faulty lighting fixture or appliance? We can do that too! Our Atlanta electrical troubleshooting service provides a full range of electrical services for homes throughout the Atlanta, Knoxville, and Charleston areas.

Whether you are an avid DIY-er, working on a renovation, have an older home, or anything else, you need to have a trustworthy residential electrician on standby. Electrical issues can be potentially dangerous to you and to your home, so it’s important that you know when to call in the pros. Don’t put yourself at risk when you can have an expert help you figure out all of your electrical questions. 

We know how important it is to have safe, reliable electricity for your home. It’s what keeps the temperature comfortable, keeps your food from spoiling, and keeps the air clean. If things suddenly stop working, or you’ve had a long-standing issue with a certain appliance or breaker, you deserve the best electrician in town. And we’re here to deliver!

We also offer an upfront, flat-rate price for whatever repairs you need. With Pat Murphy Electric, we believe the right way is the only way. For more information about our company or our Atlanta residential electrical troubleshooting services, view our information below and talk to one of our experts. We would be happy to hear from you.

Whatever Your Residential Electric Problem Is, Pat Murphy Is Here For You

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