Pat Murphy Electric is here for all of our customers, no matter what happens. For our commercial customers in Knoxville, we’re proud to offer industrial 24/7 emergency repair services. When storms roll through, they can knock out power and cause potential damage to your electrical systems, but you can count on us to get you fixed back up in no time. Our technicians are on call day and night and will brave the weather to ensure that your systems are up and running. You can rest well knowing our team of certified commercial electricians will be there when you need us the most. 

Electrical emergencies can be extremely stressful, which is why it pays to have Pat Murphy Electric by your side. Businesses of all shapes and sizes need reliable electrical power, and you shouldn’t have to go without it due to storms, outages, or other emergency issues. Electricity is vital for a whole host of operations, including computers/internet, climate control, food storage, lighting, and more. Don’t wait for the storm to pass—call your trusted commercial electricians in Knoxville right away for industrial 24/7 emergency repair. The faster you get service, the lower your risk of serious loss. If power goes out, it could cause inventory spoilage and equipment damage, as well as create potential hazards for your employees.

Whether we’re performing routine maintenance or a midnight emergency call, we always deliver superior workmanship and friendly customer care. Your business deserves to have a partner you can count on to keep the lights on no matter the weather. And that’s us, at Pat Murphy Electric. There may be other commercial electricians in the area, but you won’t find another company with the dedication to excellence and range of industrial 24/7 emergency repair services that we offer in Knoxville. 

Pat Murphy Electric is here for you, day or night, clear or cloudy skies. For industrial 24/7 emergency electrical repair, we’re your best bet. Call us at 865-409-2400 to get the emergency repairs you need, fast.

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