Security Lighting and Cameras 

You deserve to feel safe in your home and in your place of work. Security cameras and lights are one of the easiest ways you can increase the safety and security of your home or office, but they aren’t always simple to install. More and more people are putting these kinds of security equipment in their homes and businesses, and perhaps you are considering doing the same. If you want to make sure the security camera and lighting installation for your Atlanta home or business is done right, you can count on Pat Murphy Electric. Our team of electricians is here to serve you, providing trusted electrical services throughout Atlanta, Knoxville, and Charleston for over 40 years.

Installation For Atlanta Homes

Some people attempt to DIY their indoor or outdoor security camera or lighting installation for their Atlanta home or business, but this may not always be the best idea. Hiring a professional electrician can not only save you time and hassle, but it can give you better confidence in the system. Installing security equipment is not an area to take chances in! After all, if they’re set up incorrectly or something malfunctions, you may be more vulnerable to vandalism, theft, and other crime. Make the right choice to protect your property and your family with professional security lighting and camera installation from Atlanta’s Pat Murphy Electric. We can handle any kind of lighting or camera system, and you can rest well knowing it was done the right way. We always prioritize safety and accuracy in every job we do!

Whether you need one simple camera at the front of your house or you’re planning a whole-building security system for your office, give us a call at Pat Murphy Electric. We have experience with many types of security cameras and lighting, including motion detection, indoor and outdoor systems, and more. Don't try to cobble together your security installation on your own—let our Atlanta electricians handle it for you. 

Get in touch with our team today to discuss your need for security lighting and camera installation for your Atlanta-area home or business.