Pat Murphy Industrial PLC Installations

Pat Murphy Electric is proud to be a trusted name in industrial electrical service in Charleston. We are here to help business owners like you boost operation efficiency, whether you run a laboratory, warehouse, manufacturing plant, or anything else. In the industrial setting, there are many great technologies out there to improve accuracy and productivity, and they all require electricity. This is why it’s essential to hire a qualified industrial electrical technician in Charleston to support your facility! 

One popular piece of equipment in an industrial setting is the PLC, and Pat Murphy Electric is your go-to resource for proper PLC installation by our Charleston industrial electrical technicians.


A PLC, also known as a “programmable logic controller,” is a computer control system that is used to oversee multiple devices within a system. A PLC supervises the operations of various devices such as machinery or other equipment, often in a factory setting, and can control them in order to maximize efficiency. This industrial computer can be programmed to suit your needs, in either sequential or discrete logic. PLCs are designed to consolidate inputs from individual timers, mechanical relays, counters, and similar devices, for automation purposes. A professionally-installed PLC can deliver greater accuracy and energy savings than manual controls.

How Does PLC Work?

PLCs are used to control industrial machinery and equipment. They are designed to run for years, without any human input, even in harsh environments. 

While PLCs are computers, they are different from traditional computer systems in that they are much more durable, easy to use, and require less maintenance. Since they are created for commercial settings, they provide longer-lasting and more reliable functions. PLCs are priceless when it comes to the automation of batching systems, conveyor belts, packing machines, and similar equipment.


PLCs should always be installed by a professional Charleston industrial electrical technician, and you can count on Pat Murphy Electric to get the job done right. Our motto is, the right way is the only way!

There are dozens of different factors that go into a proper PLC installation, so it’s important that you not attempt this on your own. Call the industrial electrical technicians in Charleston at Pat Murphy Electric instead! We have the skill and experience it takes to do it right. Plus, once we’ve installed your new PLC, we are always here for maintenance, repair, and upgrades for the life of the PLC.

Reach out today to learn more about our industrial electrical services in Charleston, including PLC installation. 

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