Industrial Thermal Scan & Breaker Testing

Importance of Thermal Scans

When it comes to electrical safety and efficiency, nobody does it better than Pat Murphy Electric. Our team of commercial electricians in Charleston uses cutting-edge methods to properly diagnose electrical issues, leading to fast and efficient repair. The thermal scanning service from our Charleston experts is a great way to uncover problems in electrical systems that may be hard for the human eye to detect. Scans can reveal problems without isolating circuits and without shutting down your power. This is a great advantage for our commercial and industrial clients, as it won’t interfere with your daily operations. Our Charleston team uses thermal scanning for enhanced accuracy, saving valuable time and energy in our diagnosis.

Benefits Of Breaker Testing

The circuit breakers in your commercial or industrial facility are essential to protecting your equipment, machinery, and other valuable components. Because they perform such a vital function, it’s important to have your breakers tested routinely. There are several benefits to this: 

  • Finds potential problems
  • Picks out the bad actors
  • Identifies areas for maintenance
  • Tests performance of whole tripping cycle

The benefits of circuit breaker testing for your Charleston business don’t stop there. The professionals at Pat Murphy Electric are happy to speak with you about why this is such a valuable investment for your business. We believe in doing the job right every time, and part of that commitment is proper testing and diagnosis. Through breaker testing and thermal scanning, we can easily identify weak areas in your electrical systems, and we can target our repair work more effectively.

For industrial electrical installation, maintenance, testing, and repair, Pat Murphy Electric is here to serve you. We’ll help you protect your expensive equipment and keep your operations running as smoothly and efficiently as possible with our circuit breaker testing and thermal scanning service for your Charleston business. We are one of the most trusted names for commercial and industrial electrical service, with over 40 years of industry experience. Give us a call or fill out our online form to get started.

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