Surge Protection from Pat Murphy Electric

If you don’t have surge protection in your home, your expensive electronics are at risk. Do you have a big screen TV? Computers? A home theater or stereo system? If so, you probably want to make sure you protect those investments from electrical damage. If there is an electrical surge through your home, any of these items could be destroyed, typically beyond hope of repair. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution to keep your belongings safe! Pat Murphy Electric is here to provide residential surge protection installation services in Charleston, giving you priceless peace of mind. 

Your Appliances Need Surge Protection, Too

Surge protection isn’t just for your electronics. Anything in your home that has internal circuit boards is at risk of being damaged in a surge. Most appliances these days, whether they are “smart” appliances or not, can be rendered useless in an electrical surge. We tend to take these things for granted. What would happen if you could no longer use your microwave, your dishwasher, or your refrigerator? What about your washing machine or dryer? Protect yourself from this expensive inconvenience and get appliance surge protection installed in your Charleston home from the experts at Pat Murphy Electric.

Where Do Electrical Surges Come From?

While people tend to believe that lightning strikes are the only cause of electrical surges, actually 75-80% of surges originate from within the home. Lightning can indeed cause surges, but it’s important to acknowledge the real, everyday risk of electrical surges from your own home. No matter where the surge may come from, a professional residential surge protection installation from the Charleston team at Pat Murphy Electric can keep you, your family, and your belongings safe.

How to Protect Your Home The Right Way

Picking up some plug-in surge protectors at the store simply isn’t enough. These can still be overloaded by a larger surge, and most of us don’t have all of our appliances plugged into one. It’s time to invest in a reliable whole-house surge protection system for your Charleston home from Pat Murphy Electric.

Surge Protection from Pat Murphy Electric

Our crew of experts can install our special protective package directly into your electrical panel. This will keep your entire house, all of your electronics, and all of your appliances safe. Stay calm and confident in the face of potential electrical surges with our help.

Call us today at 843-212-9763 to schedule your surge protection installation in Charleston, or call 470-588-9505 for 24/7 emergency support.