Alfresco dining is a summer ritual for many American families. The longer days invite adults and children alike to linger outdoors and savor the warm summer breeze before crisp autumn air blows in. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you know firsthand how much fun outdoor dining can be. To ensure the safety and comfort of your family and guests, be sure to provide adequate lighting throughout your outdoor cooking and eating areas.

As seasoned Atlanta technicians, we know the importance of good lighting. We have more than 30 years of experience in delivering reliable residential and commercial electrical service to Atlanta and Knoxville residents. Below are some useful lighting tips to make your outdoor summer meals enjoyable and safe.

Task Lighting

Use halogen or LED lighting fixtures to cast a nice bright light in the cooking area of your outdoor kitchen. This will help the person in charge of the grill to determine if the items that he or she has on the grill are done. You can also enhance the appeal of your kitchen by installing recessed LED under your cabinets.

Lighting for the Eating Area

Make sure the lighting that you choose for your outdoor kitchen is versatile. More often than not, you will have friends and families over for summer outdoor dining. Summer just seems to encourage larger-than-normal gatherings. There may be times however, when you want a more intimate celebration of a few close friends or even a special someone. Install lighting in the eating area that will accommodate a variety of social situations.

Safe Walkway Lighting

Your guests will have to find their way from your main house to the outdoor area. Ensure their safety by installing low-voltage lighting for the walkway. You don?t want anything too bright as this will simply reflect the glare back to your guests? eyes and make it more difficult for them to find their way. LED lights are well suited for this task. Remember to choose lights that are rated for use in an outdoor environment for the safety and comfort of your guests.

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Image Courtesy of: Wikimedia Commons