Electrical Remodeling Services in Charleston

If your home suffers from outdated wiring, flickering lights, and non-working electrical outlets, it’s time to secure Pat Murphy’s electrical remodeling services in Charleston. By upgrading to energy-efficient systems, adding new lighting, and integrating smart home features, not only will your living space become more functional and convenient but also safer. This transformation ensures that everything from lights to outlets works perfectly, enhancing both the comfort and value of your home.

Common Types of Electrical Remodeling Services

  • Home Wiring Upgrades: Upgrade safety and efficiency by replacing outdated knob-and-tube systems, old aluminum wiring, or any damaged wiring.
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades: Increase your home's power capacity with a larger, modern electrical panel to cater to the electrical requirements of today's lifestyle.
  • Outlet & Switch Enhancements: Enhance convenience by installing new outlets, USB outlets, and smart outlets and upgrading switches stylishly.
  • New Lighting Installation: Brighten your space with installations of custom lighting such as chandeliers, ceiling lights, under-cabinet lighting, and recessed lighting.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation: Increase air circulation and energy efficiency by incorporating ceiling fans in select rooms.
  • Back-Up Power Generators: Your Charleston home is always powered even during outages with the installation of a standby generator.
  • Dedicated Circuit Installation: Provide dedicated power circuits for appliances that require high demand like hot tubs, major kitchen equipment, or workshops.
  • Smart Home Automation: Retrofit your Charleston home with automated features like smart lighting, security measures, and climate control through expert electrical wiring.

Why Choose Pat Murphy Electric?

Our experienced electricians are experts at upgrading home electrical systems, including electrical panel upgrades, adding electrical outlets, integrating smart home features, and setting up dedicated circuits for optimal performance. As leading electrical contractors in Charleston, we focus on making your home safer and more efficient, helping you save on energy bills with our energy-efficient solutions. Let our professional electricians make your home smarter and more cost-effective.

Don't let an outdated electrical panel or electrical wiring problems stop you from having a safe home. And if you’re doing a full home renovation, our electrical remodeling services can help create a newly energy-efficient home. Our professional electricians in Charleston are ready to guide you, offering clear explanations and transparent pricing. We can provide a free estimate to help you start on the path to a modern, efficient living space.

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