As long-time residential electrical contractors in Atlanta, we have encountered and solved almost every imaginable household electrical problem. At this time of the year when electrical use typically spikes, we'd like to remind you to pay extra attention to your circuit breakers.

What Circuit Breakers Do

There are several reasons why your breakers might trip occasionally, and for the most part, this is not a cause for concern. It's the job of your circuit breakers to trip or automatically turn off when there is a current surge. This protects your appliances from any electrical damage and helps prevent electrical fires. But if you're constantly resetting the circuit breakers in your home, you might have one of these three problems on your hands.

Old and Worn Electrical Panel

The problem could lie in your circuit panel itself. Wires can become frayed, brittle or weakened as they age. When this happens, they could trip for no reason. Faulty wires in your circuit panel are potential fire hazards. Contact a licensed Atlanta technician to inspect your circuit panel closely and determine its condition. You may need to repair or replace your circuit panel for safety reasons or to bring it up to code.

Damaging Surges

A high number of appliances in your home demanding power at the same time can cause small surges to course through your power lines. When this happens, your circuit breakers may trip to prevent an overload. Over time, these surges can damage your appliances as well as your circuit panel itself. Consult an technician whether you need to install a surge protector for your entire house to address this problem.

Outdated House Wiring

If you have a house that's more than 30 years old, its original copper wiring is likely insufficient to handle the power that modern appliances need. Desktop and laptop computers, complex entertainment centers and multiple ACs have huge power requirements when taken all together. Their demand may be what's causing your circuit breakers to trip often.

No matter what kind of electrical concern you may have, as experienced Atlanta electrical contractors, we can help. You can depend on our licensed residential and commercial technicians to restore and maintain the electrical safety of your home or business. No other technician in Atlanta will work harder to protect you, your family and your business from any type of electrical harm.

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