Coronavirus Update 7/20/2020

RE: Service for Quarantined Customers

The team at Pat Murphy is dedicated to providing fast, efficient service for our customers while ensuring a safe work environment for our staff. In light of the new normal we’re all experiencing, we wanted to ensure our neighbors most in need have access to our services should they lose all power, partial power, or experience another electrical emergency.

If you have been exposed to Covid-19 and you’re under a 14-day quarantine, regardless of your test results, we want to make sure your power stays on so you can stay comfortable at home. This includes service for:

  • No power 
  • No A/C
  • Partial power (unable to perform business, life-sustaining equipment not receiving power, stove not working or unable to make food) 
  • Main breaker tripping
  • Lightning strike occurrences 
  • Customer smelling smoke 
  • Meter knocked off 
  • Other electrical malfunctions

Our team would be happy to provide service, but we’ll take some extra precautions for our staff’s safety to do so. 

Our Process

First, our team will start by evaluating the job and troubleshooting with the customer over the phone. This is especially helpful as it can allow us to assist with small issues and potentially solve them without ever entering the home.

If we’ve identified an issue that cannot be fixed without the help of our technicians, we’ll call on our partners who specialize in emergency cleaning and sanitizing (we’ll call Belfor should we need to access the interior of the home; if we only need to access the panel or the attic, Ensign Building Solutions). Their sanitation teams will be dispatched to your home to fully disinfect it with a cleaning solution proven to be effective against Covid-19 and other coronaviruses.

We ask that, if possible, quarantined persons leave their home during the cleaning and for the duration of our technician’s visit, whether that means sitting on the deck out back or sitting in the car with the A/C on. We understand this is not always possible, so in the event an individual is unable to leave the home, we will require them to self-isolate in a single room of the home for the duration of the service call to ensure the safety of our teams. 

Once the individual has isolated, the cleaning team has sanitized the home, and the cleaning solutions have dried, our technicians will enter. We’ve outfitted an elite group of technicians with anti-viral kits on their trucks, Tyvek suits, face masks, and gloves so they can do their work safely and effectively. Once the problem has been solved or an action plan to solve it has been devised, our technician will leave the home and call the customer with updates on either the solution we’ve implemented or any followup required to effectively solve the electrical issue.


For additional questions about our process for serving individuals who have or may have been exposed to Covid-19, please call Pat Murphy at 470-440-2017 to reach our Atlanta office or at 865-409-2400 for Knoxville.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update from Pat Murphy Electric

As media and medical professionals continue to update the public about the virus SARS-CoV-2 and the related communicable disease known as COVID-19, we felt it was necessary that Pat Murphy Electric, Inc.  keep our customers and our community aware of the measures we are taking to reduce the potential for disease transmission. We do this both for our customers’ peace of mind and to continue a national conversation about best practices to ensure the well-being of our employees, our customers, and their families.

Our first and most important priority is to remain in compliance with all directives from the CDC and all local, state, and federal government entities. Information is changing quickly, and we will continue to monitor recommendations from the CDC via their website. As of now, experts recommend avoiding gatherings with 10 people or more, using diligent hygiene and handwashing practices, practicing social distancing, and taking sick leave at the first sign of illness. 

Additionally, we’ve outlined some basic practices that will help keep both your family and our Pat Murphy Electric, Inc. family safe during the coming weeks:

Our team will practice social distancing on all home visits. That means we won’t be shaking hands or standing or sitting within a six foot distance from customers when reporting our findings or providing progress updates.

Our team all have sanitizer in their trucks and will be properly sanitizing before each Home or Industrial visit and wearing gloves when necessary 

Our team and any visitor (non-essential visitors are not allowed right now) are required to sanitize before entering the office and before leaving the office

All our shared multi-touch surfaces (bathroom, door handles, kitchen space) in the office are being wiped down with Clorox Cleaner 3 times a day 

At the end of the day, it is our responsibility as members of this community to do everything in our power to reduce instances of COVID-19 transmission. If you have any additional questions regarding an inspection, ongoing work, or the steps we’re taking to safeguard the health of our employees, our customers, and our community, please email or 404-577-4191. The best way to meet this challenge is by working together for the benefit of our friends, families, and neighbors, and we thank you for working with us to keep them safe and healthy.

Best wishes,

Chelsea Roberts, Operations Manager