The excitement of buying a home often causes inexperienced homeowners to put their blinders on. It is easy to get lost in that perfect property. Despite how good your soon-to-be house may look on the outside, the Atlanta technicians at Pat Murphy Electric want to remind you that you should be aware of the structure's condition before signing on the dotted line.

Why You Should Get an Electrical Inspection

The "guts" (e.g. plumbing lines, foundation and electrical wiring) of the house should be thoroughly inspected before any commitments are made. If you happen to be purchasing a new build, hiring an Atlanta electrical contractor to perform a residential electric service inspection may seem unnecessary, however, the first rule of being a homeowner is always being prepared for the unexpected and staying financially grounded. Even with new houses, faulty wiring installations and other problems that pose safety hazards are common.

The purpose of an inspection is to ensure the system is fully functional and safe for the occupants. Never buy a home until one has been performed, and if the seller is unwilling to front the cost, do yourself a favor and take matters into your own hands. If the property fails to adhere to official safety standards, you will be responsible for fixing the problem as the homeowner, which can get pretty expensive depending on the extent of the issues.

After you've scheduled an on-site inspection with a residential electrical contractor, the company will verify whether the property's wiring scheme and all relevant equipment is in accordance with the National Electric Code. The procedure entails a detailed assessment of every electrical switch, outlet and receptacle. The inspector will test to ensure every line is properly grounded and that the wiring is not outdated and/or susceptible to damage. Cracked, frayed and old electrical wiring is a major fire hazard that requires a retrofit to deem safe.

When calling local Atlanta electrical contractors, it is imperative that you make sure the business is adequately licensed, insured and has a proven track record of performing residential as well as commercial building inspections. Spend the money on a qualified company to protect yourself and your family. Contact Pat Murphy Electric today to schedule an appointment.

If you're looking for a licensed technician to inspect your new property, contact Pat Murphy Electric. Our experienced technicians can conduct electrical inspections on new construction 24 hours a day.