Responsible homeowners are aware that the electrical system in their house needs proper and regular maintenance. The safety of their family and property depends on it. During the holiday season in particular, homeowners should pay even greater attention to their electrical systems. As experienced residential electrical contractors, we know that more house fires occur during the holidays than at any other time of the year. Keep the following tips in mind as you light up your house this holiday season and enjoy a safe and joyful holiday celebration.

Holiday Lights

Do not plug more than three standard light sets on one extension cord. Use only string lights that have no broken bulbs or frayed wires and make sure they have been certified safe for household use. Do not leave any holiday lights on overnight and turn them off when you leave the house as well.

Make sure the lights you set up outside your house are safe to use outdoors. Periodically check any extension cords for signs of damage from small animals and replace damaged ones immediately. Remember to secure lights and extension cords firmly to avoid any accidents.

Warning Signs

Watch out for cords that are warm or hot to the touch as well as sockets that spark when you plug a string of holiday lights in. These could be signs that your electrical load is too great for your system to handle adequately.

If you notice that your circuit breakers trip after you have your holiday lights on for a period of time, the lights could be drawing too much power. This causes your breakers to trip or cut off power temporarily to contain the surge.

Additional Demand

The holiday season ushers in parties, house guests and long hours in the kitchen cooking traditional holiday dishes. All these activities can put a strain on your electrical system. It can especially be difficult for the electrical wiring of an old house (more than 30 years) to cope with a significant increase in power demand. Take practical steps (turn of lights when not in use, take shorter showers, take turns using the blow dryer, etc.) and remind everyone to do the same.

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