How we prioritize customers without power

We’ve all been there… you’re sitting around with your family watching a little TV and BAM….. all a power outage at your Atlanta home! the power goes off in your house
Lucky individuals may have the power kick back on in a second but the unfortunate ones of us are in the darkness thinking…. So, what now?
Well, here’s what now: you need to call Pat Murphy Electric, Inc.!

Pat Murphy Electric, Inc. has been locally owned and operated for over 40 years and throughout our history, customers without power have ALWAYS been our top priority.

We understand how it is…..Your power goes out and you start to get worried about losing all the food in your freezer. Maybe, maybe you’re working from home today and need the internet back, or even worse, you have a family member with life-sustaining equipment in your home that needs power…. In any of these situations… you’re probably stressed out.

When you call us our emergency electrical service experts in Atlanta, a human will always answer so that we can provide you that personalized and unique customer service and At that point, Your emergency immediately becomes our emergency.

No matter who already has an appointment or which customer is next in line…. You are routed to our next available technician. We personally hand pick the technician for who is closest to you so you don’t have to wait any longer than necessary.

Another reason our company should be your first selection for any emergency electrical service needs in the Atlanta area, is that our company has a LONG-STANDING and trusted relationship with many utility providers in the state, such as Georgia Power. Pat Murphy Electric is on Georgia Power’s emergency response team because of the high quality of our work and the level of dedication that we have provided to the metro Atlanta area throughout the years.

With all this being said, you do not need to stress anymore when your power goes out you have a power outage at your Atlanta home…. Just give us our emergency electrical service professionals a call @ 404-577-4191! Our Technicians operate 24/7 so we can always be there when you need us.