The holiday season is upon us, so we?d like to share with you some important safety reminders about lighting at this time of the year. As you string up lights on your tree and all around your house and put up decorations, keep in mind the precautions below. As long-time residential electrical contractors, we always have the safety of your family and property as our top priority.


If you?re using an artificial tree, make sure it?s fire-resistant. If you?re getting a fresh tree, remember to water it often to keep it from becoming dry. A fresh tree is less of a fire hazard than a dry one. Place your tree as far away from a heat source as possible. Make sure the tree is out the way of heavy traffic in your house and does not block any doorways.


Whether you?re hanging up lights inside or outside your house, make sure they have been tested for safety. Check for any broken bulbs, worn sockets, stripped wires or loose connections. Avoid using damaged lights or repair them carefully before hanging them up. For additional safety, we suggest using no more than three standard light sets for every extension cord and plug all drop cords into a GFI outlet. Do not use cords smaller than 14 gauge and over 50' use no less than 12 gauge.

Remember to turn off all indoor and outdoor decorative lights whenever you leave the house and before you go to bed at night. Don?t use electric lights on a metallic tree as the tree itself can become charged with electricity from defective bulbs. When this happens, anyone touching the tree can be electrocuted.

Don?t forget to fasten outdoor lights securely to a firm structure to protect them from wind damage.


Always use non-flammable candle holders, and keep lit candles away from your tree as well as any decorations or paper trimmings. Choose a spot in your house where a lit candle is protected from any draft and where it is not in any danger of being knocked over.


Look for non-combustible or flame-resistant materials when making paper decorations. Discard all wrapping papers, but do not burn them in the fireplace. A flash fire may result when wrappings suddenly ignite and burn intensely.

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Image Courtesy of: Creative Commons