Electricity is something we often take for granted in the home - until something goes wrong, that is. However, your residential electrical system doesn't have to be a mystery.

This blog will explain the basics of your home electrical system, including what it is, how it works and what can go wrong with it. Should you experience a serious electrical failure in the home, Pat Murphy Electric strongly recommends that you consult a licensed and insured expert to avoid damage to yourself or your home.

The Heart of Your Home's Electricity

The electric utility company distributes power over wires and switches from the generating plant all the way to the point of connection in your residence. This electricity then flows through your lights, appliances and electronic equipment through your home's panel and its breakers and circuits. Inside the panel is a main breaker that controls the power throughout your entire home.

This distribution system acts similarly to the circulatory system in humans. Electricity flows from the panel, or the heart of your home's electrical system, throughout several circuits and back again. This all takes places at an extremely fast pace with electricity flowing back and forth throughout the home about sixty times per second. The paths of any given circuit are often complex and difficult to pinpoint for the average homeowner.

Common Causes of Electrical Problems

When a problem occurs with your home's electrical system, it could be an outage at the plant, an external influence on the wires (like strong winds or lightning strikes), or an issue with the home's panel system. Automatic safety features often stop these issues from interfering with your home's electricity, but when unusual voltages do manage to come through into your system, they can damage it. Surge protectors often minimize this risk, but not always.

A little bit of knowledge can help you avoid a whole world of trouble. Always consult a licensed technician to prevent personal injury or damage to your property.

Pat Murphy Electric is proud to have served the Atlanta area with excellence in professional electric repair. Contact us today to see how we can help you troubleshoot electrical problems in your home.