Industrial Thermal Scan & Breaker Testing

Importance of Thermal Scans

Welcome to Pat Murphy Electric, the most trusted name in industrial and commercial electric service in Knoxville. When it comes to safe and efficient electrical repairs, nobody can beat our team. We use the most cutting-edge techniques, including thermal scanning, to get to the root cause of your electrical problem. Thermal scanning for your Knoxville business is a fantastic way to discover problems in the electrical systems that the human eye may not be able to see. Scans can show us where things are going wrong without the need for isolating circuits or shutting down your power. This means that you won’t need to stop your daily operations, which is an advantage for our commercial clients. With our Knoxville team’s thermal scanning technology, we can save priceless time in identifying where repairs are needed.

Benefits Of Breaker Testing

Circuit breakers perform a vital function for any commercial or industrial facility by protecting valuable machinery and equipment. Because they are so essential, we recommend having your breakers tested on a regular basis. There are many benefits to our circuit breaker testing services for your Knoxville business: 

  • Tests performance of the whole tripping cycle
  • Picks out the bad actors
  • Identifies areas for repair

These are only a few of the benefits of a comprehensive breaker test. Our technicians are happy to talk with you about how important this type of maintenance is, and how it can potentially save you thousands in the long run. We are committed to doing our job correctly and safely every time, and testing is one important aspect of our work. Using our Knoxville company’s thermal scanning and circuit breaker testing services, we can spot areas of weakness or damage and approach repairs in the most efficient way possible.

Pat Murphy Electric is your local provider for industrial electrical installation, testing, maintenance, and repair, with over 40 years of experience. We are your valued partner in protecting your valuable equipment from potential electrical damage. Fill out our online form or give us a call today to schedule your service call!

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