Electric generators are extremely handy, especially if you have to go several hours or longer without power or if you are in a remote location. However, they do need regular maintenance so that they can work properly when the time comes for them to produce electricity for your home or business. Our commercial electrical contractors have a few tips on how to maintain your generator throughout the year.

Have It Serviced Twice Annually

Even if you don't use your generator often, you should have it on a regular, twice annual schedule for service. Many of our residential electrical services clients choose to schedule these maintenance visits during the spring and fall so that their generators will be able to provide power during summer storms and winter freezes.

Regular Maintenance Checks

In between your scheduled service calls, you will need to check on your generator to ensure that it's in working order. Checking the fuel supply is the most crucial of these checks, but you should also take a moment to check that the spark plugs are in good shape and that the lubricating oil is at the appropriate levels. If you are concerned about anything during these checks, feel free to call one of our Atlanta technicians to have them check out the issue.

Start the Generator Regularly

The best way to make sure your generator is working properly is to start it up every so often and let it run for a moment. Most newer model generators have a feature called "exercise mode," which allows you to schedule these regular start ups while simultaneously performing an automatic diagnostic and engine check. Exercise mode typically is designed to run once a week. This keeps you from having to remember to start the generator on a schedule, and it keeps you aware of any issues that may arise.

Ultimately, the best way to keep your generator maintained properly is to discuss the maintenance schedule your model needs with one of our Pat Murphy Electric technicians in Atlanta. We can get you on a regular service schedule, teach you about the maintenance checks that you can perform yourself, help you with how to schedule your generator's exercise mode and explain the results of your diagnostic and engine checks so that you can fully understand whether there is an issue with your machine.

Call us today or schedule an appointment through our website to get your generator in proper operating condition.