Not many homeowners concern themselves with the electrical system in their homes outside of knowing how to reset any tripped circuits. As responsible Atlanta electrical contractors, we never advise our clients to take on any major electrical repairs on their own, even if they are self-proclaimed DIY experts. For safety and legal reasons, only licensed Atlanta technicians should perform work on the electrical system in your Atlanta home.

That said, we do share a variety of information with our customers about how the electrical systems in most homes work. After all, as a homeowner, you should have a basic understanding of how the different systems work to create a safe and comfortable indoor environment for you and your family. If nothing else, the right kind of information about the electrical system in your house will alert you when to call in a licensed residential electrical contractor.

Read on below to find out why it is important to ground your electrical wiring and the dangers of not doing so.

What Does Grounding Do?

Electrical current flows from the panel to an outlet supplying it with electricity and powering up any device that is plugged into it. Serious electric shock can result from coming into contact with any metal parts of an appliance or electrical device that is not properly insulated. A ground wire provides a path for unused (or leaked) electrical current to return safely to the ground.

The Dangers of Not Having a Ground Wire

The most obvious possible danger of not having a ground wire is the risk of receiving an electric shock when touching the metal parts of an appliance that is plugged into a live electrical outlet. Electric burns can range from mild to severe or even worse for very young children or the frail elderly.

Ungrounded electrical systems can also cause fires. The high amount of voltage running through a system (instead of being routed safely back to the ground) can sometimes cause a spark when an appliance is plugged in. Depending on the condition of the wires in your electrical system, this spark can be all it takes for a costly fire to begin behind your walls and quickly spread throughout your house.

Since the electrical current is constantly traveling throughout the system, an ungrounded electrical system constantly eats up a tremendous amount of electricity. This translates to high and unpredictable electrical bills every month.

Leave it to us to create a safe home environment for you by maintaining your electrical system properly. We have more than 30 years of experience as residential and commercial technicians. You can count on our expertise and knowledge for any type of electrical repair and maintenance work for your home or business.