The strong winds and torrential rains that come with thunderstorms not only cause damage and rising flood waters in its wake but also can also result in power outages. As a long-time Atlanta electrical contractor, we have shared many insights with our customers concerning power outages that have proved to be highly beneficial to them. Read on below to learn some of those useful tips.

Turn the Main Power Off

Do this first but only if you can do so without standing in water or a wet surface. If you have to cross a flooded basement to get to your main power switch, call your utility company to turn the power off for you instead of doing it yourself. If for whatever reason you cannot get in touch with your utility company, follow the next step below.

Unplug Your Appliances

When the power comes back on while all your electrical appliances are plugged in, it can overload the electrical circuits in your house. This can lead to even bigger problems. Unplugging your electrical devices during a power outage is a wise precaution. You should especially make sure to unplug sensitive and expensive electrical appliances. Sometimes when power is restored, it comes in surges, which can damage delicate electrical equipment.

Use Flashlights

Avoid using candles for illumination during a blackout. Use flashlights instead as they are much safer. Keep flashlights handy in several areas of your house. Consider installing emergency lights in key areas of your house, especially if you live with very young children or elderly people.

Keep Your Emergency Kit Accessible

Make sure everyone in your household knows where your emergency kit is located in case the power goes out when you?re not home. This kit should contain items such as flashlights (with extra batteries), basic First Aid articles, a battery-operated radio, etc. You may want to consider including medicines and copies of all your important documents in this emergency kit as well just in case the power outage leads to hasty evacuation.

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