The Importance of Security Lighting

Is your outdoor space a little dark for you? Have you ever heard a noise at night, wandered into the cold air and found yourself staring at darkness unaware of your surroundings? Our security lighting installers in Atlanta can help with that!

Our customers enjoy security lighting placed on the exterior of their homes to help provide some illumination to that specific darkness. Lighting helps with crime prevention through environmental design. In fact, many law enforcement agencies and security companies alike, recommend exterior lighting for aid in crime prevention, as around 60% of burglaries occur at night.

When it comes to security lighting – you have multiple options to work with. You can install motion sensor lights that will illuminate a space should the device sense movement. Further – our security lighting installers in Atlanta can help you provide and install for you a motion sensor light with a camera that kicks on when movement is detected.

Also, there is the option of timed lighting – you may want your backyard or back porch illuminated throughout the night in certain hours to always have the space lit. We can help provide, install and train you on how to set these lights up with the specific times you want the lights to be activated.

Further, we can install a new switch inside your home to turn on a light outside, if you don’t have one presently.

To be clear, we are not affiliated with any security lighting company or vendor and we do not sell these lighting options to you. We’re just familiar with a lot of the security lighting because of the nature of our trade. So we want to assist you in the process.

There are a lot of options out there and our security lighting installers in Atlanta want to help you find the perfect choice for you. Sleep a little sounder at night with the aid of Pat Murphy Electric, Inc.

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