As a homeowner, keeping your family and property protected is priority No. 1. Any issues with your home's electrical system should thus be resolved as soon as possible due to the high fire hazard risk that faulty wiring and malfunctioning equipment pose. The Atlanta electrical contractors at Pat Murphy Electric want to remind each and every resident of the dangers associated with neglecting your electrical system and to contact a local Atlanta technician at the first sign of a problem.

How To Detect Electrical Malfunctions

Your home's electrical system is not as complicated as it may seem. Every wire runs from the main control panel (also commonly called the fuse box or breaker box), so this is the first place to check. Tripped breakers and blown fuses are normal, but only when there is a safe and valid reason. Power outages and unintended surges of electricity, such as when there are too many devices plugged into an outlet, will force these devices to disengage.

However, older homes that have been updated with modern appliances and increased energy loads are often too much for conventional fuse boxes to handle, which means a control panel upgrade may be in order. As well, cracked, frayed, faulty and old electrical wiring in general will also cause interruptions, not to mention pose serious safety threats.

Junction boxes are the places where various wires connect and intertwine, and it is not uncommon for wire nuts/caps to become loose, thereby exposing the live lines. When the latter come into contact with metal, this inevitably causes a ground fault. Short circuit faults occur much the same way. Both are very dangerous problems that should always be fixed by a licensed Atlanta technician.

Inspect the outlets in your house and replace them if they are loose. You should never have to wiggle the plug when inserting it into an outlet. Also, be sure to contact an technician in Atlanta if the plastic casing appears to be brown or charred as this indicative of burnt wiring.

If you've spotted electrical problems in your home or commercial property, you most likely need electrical repair services. In which case, you can always contact Pat Murphy Electric to speak with an experienced, licensed technician.