Now that we have discussed what causes circuit breakers to trip, we will address how to fix the problem the right way. A word of caution: Any and all residential electrical service work is best left to a licensed Atlanta electrical contractor. Despite how simple the job may seem, it is never wise to risk the chance of electrical shock or electrocution.

How To Solve Your Circuit Problems

The solution for circuit overloading is quick and easy enough for just about anyone to perform. Once you have the breaker off, locate the main control panel in your house (usually in the basement, garage or attic). After opening the box via the slider switch, you will be presented with two rows of individual breakers.

Each of these controls a designated zone in the house, and if the panel was installed correctly, they should be labeled accordingly. Even if you do not see any labels, all you have to do is look for the tripped breaker. In the event that multiple breakers are affected, go down the line turning each line on and off to label the box. To make the identification process easier, most newer power panels display the color red when a breaker is turned off.

The resetting phase is easy. Since the breaker may not have fully disengaged when tripped, turn it all the way off before setting it to the on position. Two things will happen when the line is active: a click and restored power to the affected zone. That is all there is to remedying an overloaded circuit. On the other hand, circuit and ground faults are not so easily fixed and almost always require the intervention of a certified Atlanta technician.

Electrical fires happen every day and are oftentimes difficult to detect. You may not smell burnt wiring until severe damage has been done, so pay close attention to the behavior of your circuit breakers, namely those that tend to trip more regularly. If you have any questions about your circuit breakers, our Atlanta technicians at Pat Murphy Electric are here to help you resolve the issue.

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