Since 1971, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has required the installation of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) in a greater number of areas. Prior to this date, only construction sites and dwelling unit bathrooms were required to have GFCIs. NEC expanded the list to include commercial as well as industrial buildings, swimming pools, temporary installations and many more.

What Does a GFCI Do for You?

A GFCI is designed to protect people from experiencing an electric shock when plugging into an electrical system. It closely monitors any circuit imbalance. If the difference between the current leaving and returning through the transformer exceeds five milliamperes, the GFCI opens the switching contacts. This de-energizes the circuit (meaning the electrical impulse is interrupted), thus saving the user from what could be a rather nasty hair-raising electric shock. GFCI works whether or not your circuit has an equipment grounding conductor.

The Importance of Maintaining Your GFCI

If you have a GFCI installed, you still have to be careful whenever you use any electrical appliance. These devices are not fool-proof. Any damage to the internal transient voltage surge protectors can cause a GFCI to malfunction. This means you are not protected against an energized or live circuit. In regions with high-lightning activity, the failure rate for GFCIs can sometimes exceed 50 percent.

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