What Makes Pat Murphy Electric Unique?


    • Our excellent customer service all starts with a phone call – we operate 24/7 and you will never get a voicemail greeting or auto-attendant with us. Our on-call electricians in Atlanta will make sure you are taken care of at all hours of the day and never have to worry about feeling neglected – especially during an emergency.
    • We operate in time windows – we will never tell you that your technician will arrive between the hours of 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. – if you are a working individual, we can give you a heads up to let you know when we are on the way so you can be on site for the amount of time the technician will be in your home. We always give a 30 minute courtesy call.
    • Our electrical technicians in Atlanta don’t start any work until they know how much it will cost you and explain everything in detail to you. Our technicians will start by listening to your problem – giving you the quote of how much it will cost – and either stay and begin work at that time or schedule a time to come back out if it’s an extensive job.
    • Our technicians don’t work off of commission – they don’t have incentive to sell you something you don’t need. Your safety is our number one concern and priority. Our electrical technicians in Atlanta will absolutely recommend safety measures if they feel your wiring or panel is unsafe, but they will never try to upsell you anything you are not requiring.
    • Our technicians are electrical only experts. Our company’s electrical technicians serving the Atlanta area have an average of 18 years of experience and have the know-how to call another technician if they’re needing help with something instead of performing any incorrect work to complete the job “half-ass”. Our tag-line is “The Right Way – The Only Way” and we take that to heart. We never want to have to come back out to correct work – we want to do it the right way, the first way which to Pat Murphy Electric, Inc. is the only way.
    • We are a locally owned and operated small business – our company is a family – we want to treat all of our customers with the same amount of respect. We have been in Atlanta for over 40 years and will continue to serve this community we know and love the best way we know how.


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