If you’re anything like us, you want to protect your home and all of the corresponding appliances and devices that go along with it. You buy home insurance, you probably have a sump pump in your basement and I’m sure you have exterminators that shield your home from pests – but what about a surge protection service that protects your Atlanta home from power surges?

What’s a Power Surge?

So… what is a power surge? A power surge occurs when the flow of electricity is disrupted and starts again, or when something (device or appliance) sends unwarranted electricity streaming back into your system. You see, air conditioners and refrigerators require a lot of energy to switch on and can create a high demand for power that disrupts the even flow of your electricity.

Why should I know about them?

The most familiar source is probably lightning though it’s actually one of the least common causes. In fact, 80% of power surges occur on the customer side (not the utility side) of the electric meter and from your own devices. These internal power surges are so frequent that they can be happening dozens of times a day without you noticing.

Why are they harmful?

Small surges won’t leave any outward evidence – they won’t melt any of your electronics and they probably won’t even trip your circuit breaker, but here’s the harm: continual low level power surges (without any type of protection or prevention) can cause “electronic rust” and ruin the integrity of your circuitry until it ultimately fails.

How can I help protect my equipment?

If you want to protect your devices from these unwanted Atlanta low level power surges, YES, you need some type of prevention. Surge protectors are a cost effective form of insurance for all your appliances (especially your HVAC system which would be a hassle and costly to replace). It’s one of the least expensive forms of insurance you will ever purchase in your life. They are a low investment and you can rest easy knowing your devices and appliances plus your circuits are safe from voltage beyond your control.

Our technicians in Atlanta install whole house surge protectors ALL THE TIME and love when customers choose this option to help protect their home.

I want to learn more…

That’s what we’re here for! Call us today @ 404-577-4191 to schedule a panel inspection and our Atlanta surge protection service specialists will gladly go over this with you more in depth.

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