Look up at your home's ceiling fans. Do you know what direction they are rotating or which way they should be rotating for the respective time of year?

As much as it may appear to be common sense, plenty of homeowners mistakenly leave their fans turning the wrong way all year. This causes a number of disadvantages, the most important of which serves to counter the purpose of the contraption altogether! Ask the professional Atlanta technicians at Pat Murphy Electric today if you have questions about what type of fans to install in your home.

Turn the Blades the Right Way

Before we discuss what direction you should toggle your fans, it will help to understand how these devices are designed. If you take a close look, you will notice that instead of being perfectly flat, fan blades are angled. This streamlined build reduces air drag, increases airflow, and allows the fan to do its job (moving air up or down) without complication.

During the summer months, you want to make sure your ceiling fans are turning in the forward, or counterclockwise, motion. This forces the air in the room to move downward toward its occupants. Air from above tends to have a chilling effect. You can easily tell how much of a difference in temperature this makes by alternating between forward and reverse.

The warmer the room, the faster the fan should be moving. Most modern ceiling fans are equipped with three speeds for this precise reason (some have six). That being said, when the goal is to feel warmer, it is best to turn the blades clockwise. Doing so pulls the warm air upward while simultaneously dispersing it towards the walls in the room. Remember to keep the fans on low speed in the winter, as this is optimal from a comfort standpoint.

When searching for a new fan, it is a good idea to find an "eco" model. These feature efficient DC motors that use a lot less electricity and allow for the greatest amount of airflow control. When installing your new fan, educate yourself on how to safely install electrical appliances. Your trusted Atlanta electrical contractors can install and replace any type of fan, so feel free to give us a call if you are interested in upgrading!